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Download Instructions:
1 The older audio clips on our website are in mp3 format and the newer additions are in Flash Format. To download or play audio clips, LEFT-click the little music note icon next to each song title in the catalogue. If the audio clip is in mp3 format, it will download to your computer and play in your default mp3 player. If the audio clip is Flash format, a pop-up box will appear and the clip will play

2 If left-clicking does not prompt your browser to play/download, try RIGHT-clicking and select "save target as..." Choose a folder on your hard-disk (eg My Documents) and save to this folder. When the download has completed, your downloaded clip can be accessed in this folder.

There are a number of known issues with browser downloading and mp3 playing software and conflicts are becoming more commonplace. Although we cannot provide technical support regarding problems you may have with your computers configuration and downloading capabilities (you should contact your computer vendor for this) we always try to help wherever possible and the following are the most frequently asked questions:

Q. I can't download clips on to my PC.

A. Most probably you are behind a firewall - either you have a personal firewall installed, or a company firewall installed (if you are accessing from work), or the in-built Windows firewall has it's settings too high. Either disable your firewall until you have downloaded the clips (you can re-enable it again afterwards) or, if accessing from a works computer, ask the administrator to change your privacy settings to allow mp3 downloads.

Q. The clips won't download / the clips download but I can't find them.

A. Both these problems can be caused by LEFT-clicking the links. Often, LEFT-clicking will only download to a temporary folder which you may have difficulty finding on your hard disk. Sometimes LEFT-clicking will not prompt your
browser to download at all. To solve this problem, RIGHT-click and select "Save Target As..." (see top of page). Better still, use a dedicated download manager to download the files for you (see end paragraph)

Q. The clips download, but I can't play them.

A. There are now hundreds (thousands?) of mp3 playing software programs around and each one varies in the way they handle/play/manage your mp3 files. Most users usually have more than one player on their computer (eg Real Player, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, MusicMatch jukebox etc). Conflicts between players on the same system have been known to arise and some programs tend to be a little "aggressive" - usually the installation of one player will take over from the previous player and "monopolize" your system as the default player. Your mp3's will then start to behave differently. One solution is to un-install player software that you do not use in order to minimise the risk of conflicts on your system.

Q. When I download clips I find that my browser has changed the file extension.

A.On some Windows computers, Internet Explorer 6 may change the mp3 file extension to mpga. This happens only on some configurations (usually if you have Real Player installed - you probably have Real Player configured to play mpga files as well as mp3. Although the mpga file extension can usually be simply renamed to mp3 by right-clicking the file and selecting "rename", this cannot be guaranteed to work and may damage the file. It is much safer to reconfigure your file
options. To do this, go to any folder (eg My Documents) and select:

Tools / Folder Options / File Types / Advanced

Tick "confirm open after download"

You should now be able to download media files without any problems.

Q. I use AOL. Could that be the problem?

A. Yes, most probably! AOL users should not use the built-in browser that comes with AOL to order Trax as it uses a proprietary protocol that does not play well with other software. There are many issues with AOL's built-in browser, especially when using Microsoft products. AOL users should start the AOL connection, and then minimize the windows and open Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla. To do this:

1. Connect to the Internet just as you would normally through your AOL browser.

2. Once you're connected minimize your AOL browser window

3. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer (the big blue "E" icon usually found on your desk top), or click
on your computer Start> Programs> Internet Explorer

4. In the Explorer browser, type the link in to the address bar (or copy the shortcut and paste it into
the address bar).

Dedicated download managers
Browsers (eg Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) are not always the best programs for managing downloads. Although they are excellent for downloading web pages, they often struggle With larger file sizes such as mp3. A dedicated download manager is therefore recommended which will handle these downloads much more efficiently. One of the most popular download managers that our customers use is GoZilla. You can download it for free at:

GoZilla is a download accelerator and download management system. It has very comprehensive error recovery and download auto-resume capabilities - extremely useful in the event that you should unexpectedly lose your connection mid-way through a download. It will even resume downloads from the point where you left off hours before. The newest version (Version 4.1) adds support for Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, and Netscape 6. It will work hand in hand with your browser and once installed, you can download your Trax by right-clicking on them and selecting "Download with GoZilla" This will prompt GoZilla to take over the download process.

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